Your Spring Wardrobe Capsule for 2020

hello spring nine sparrows spring wardrobe capsule 2020

It's that time of year again, the dreaded Spring Cleaning mission. The time when we arm ourselves with garbage bags, seasonal bins, and a Marie Kondo attitude. The Winter frost is maybe, finally gone, the parkas are packed away under the stairs, and we schedule the much needed pedicure....(or break out our Color Street strips for toes!) But as we start sorting through our Spring and Summer collections from years past, we start to feel a little, well, blah. And obsolete. There is no way these are fashionable anymore. What to do?!

Who can afford a whole new wardrobe? Not us! But this is why we 1.) sell super affordable clothes, and 2.) do our research to stay on trend but offer timeless pieces at the same time! We are going to be your go-to source for a fresh Spring Wardrobe Capsule. According to Miss Rhode Island, "All you need is a light jacket!" (Bonus points if you can name that movie!)

We've curated five essential pieces from our collection that you need in your capsule. And the best news - we are constantly adding new items to our boutique, so you don't need to feel overwhelmed by an all-in-one shopping spree. Take your time, and see what we have in store for you!

  1. Kancan Jeans. As we're writing this, our lineup is on order and coming soon! Seriously, some of the highest rated denim out there and we are so excited to add these to our boutique! If they aren't here yet, be sure to check back soon or join our mailing list to stay updated.Kancan jeans for nine sparrows boutique spring wardrobe capsule 
  2. 3/4 Length Sleeves. Reminder, this is your Spring Wardrobe Capsule, and Spring in the Midwest means cool weather with warm sunshine and tulips emerging from the snow. We're not quite ready to bare arms, so to speak. Especially not until we slather on the self-tanner a few times first.mauve asymmetrical top for nine sparrows boutique spring wardrobe capsule  
  3. Lightweight Cardigans. You have permission to pack away the cable knit grandfather cardigans that are still super cute and on trend, and bring out our lightweight essential cardigans. We carry these in a few colors and sizes range from small to 3X. They are PERFECT for Spring and you can mix and match them with everything!blue steel cardigan nine sparrows boutique wardrobe capsule
  4. Athletic Leggings. We're calling it. It's time to get out and start moving that body! Most of us tend to hibernate during these harsh, cold winters and hide our bodies under thick Sherpa layers and blanket-sized scarves. Free yourselves and stretch those legs...legs that will look so good in our new, sporty leggings...with a phone pocket! And we have three words for our new line - Qua. Li. Ty.                                              athletic leggings with pocket nine sparrows boutique wardrobe capsule
  5. Blowfish Sneakers. Step away from the boots. Time for lightweight comfort AND style. And Blowfish shoes are life. They are super comfortable, incredibly cute, and affordable. We are on a cloud of dreams come true now that we're carrying these in our boutique! And they are perfect for your new Spring Wardrobe Capsule. From the Blowfish website: "We are inspired by those who know that age is an attitude and that looking and feeling great doesn’t relate to a price tag." This embodies our mission at Nine Sparrows Boutique!                                            blowfish sneakers shoes nine sparrows boutique spring wardrobe capsule


So there you have it. You can breath some relief and new life into your wardrobe with just a few key pieces and we're here to set you up, no matter your age, size, shape, or style. We have a look that will fit your budget and promise you'll feel gorgeous, comfortable, and confident to slay this new season.