How to Make 2020 Fashion Trends Wearable in the Midwest

Fashion Week makes me think of flashing cameras, hot lights, celebs in the front row, and the most ridiculous and unpractical clothes ever made. It makes me feel that much more Minnesotan. "Oh jeez, you sure can't wear those see-through blouse thingies HERE. Heck, our Springs are way too cold for that." But what if we can take the trends and treat them as more of a guideline than a rule? All the fashion publications are in unison- Polka Dots, Leather, Ruffles, Yellow (from chartreuse to marigold), Pleats, Cardigans, Blazers, and Bralettes are going to be hanging in boutiques worldwide very soon, if not already.


Let's break it down to the top 20 and how we at Nine Sparrows Boutique, in the heart of the Midwest, are going to make them wearable (some of them actually are!), and available (or not) to you.


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    Puffy Sleeves | Everything in moderation, right? We don't have to go all 80s prom dress to bring you a little flounce in your sleeves. We feel that just the right amount around the shoulder or wrists is enough puff for us.


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    Polka Dots | Yaasss! We love to Polka! And we also enjoy mixing our polka dots with other genres as well, i.g. stripes, plaids, and floral. We're connecting the dots to everything!


  • Pleats | Meh, we've found pleats aren't always the most flattering style. We're giving pleats a pass.


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    Yellow | We are seeing trends in this color ranging from a neon green chartreuse to a mustard-y marigold. Either way, we'll take the sunshine and honey over our gray winters.


  • Denim Skirts | If they can make them soft, flattering, and feminine, then we're on board. It does seem like a bit of a throwback, but let's face it, isn't everything these days?


  • Utility Jumpsuits | No.


  • Fancy Bra Tops | Heck no.


  • VS

    Buttery Soft Leather All Year | They had us at "buttery soft". But, we like to keep items in our shop affordable and attainable, so for now you'll find leather earrings and leather accents.


  • Bermuda Shorts | Apparently "unflattering" is also on trend for 2020. We're going to shoo away from these super long shorts as well.


  • Billowy Dresses | Are we really thinking about dress season yet here in the Tundra? Not so much, but we're open to the soft airiness that the word "billowy" implies, and we'll be on the look out during our buying excursions.


  • VS

    Half & Half | Color blocking Two Face style. I envision your coworker sidling up to your cubicle and querying, "Weren't you wearing a pink sweater? Why did you change to the brown one, did you spill someth--- Oh! It's the same sweater. Huh. That's....different." Exit coworker and your confidence in your sweater choice.


  • Roomy Blazers | We most certainly won't be traveling back into the 80s and 90s for this one. Scrunchies - yes, Designing Women - no.


  • VS

    Boss Trousers | We love the word "Boss", especially when related to anything empowering women. We'll take a look at these and get back to you.


  • Knit Maxis | One thing you won't find in Nine Sparrows Boutique is anything body-con. Sorry, not sorry.


  • VS

    Cardigans | You all know where we stand on this one. Give us ALL the cardigans in all the colors, sizes, cuts, patterns, and textures!


  • Corsets | Seriously? Not here.


  • VS

    Day to Night Sequin Dress | Little pops of flash are great here and there, but who wants to be a walking disco ball at work?


  • VS

    Ruffles | Sure, we can work with the ruffles. In fact, we already have with a sweet navy sleeveless top in our shop. Feminine, flattering, and functional is where we're at!


  • High Slit Skirts | We're not that kind of boutique, thank you very much.


  • Statement Trench Coats | Again, not really our wheelhouse, but we'll admit that there are some pretty fire styles we've seen in the upcoming trenches. What say you?


  • Regardless of what is happening on the coasts or in Paris and Milan, we plan on staying true to our roots. We'll make sure to stay within the guidelines of the latest trends, while still providing comfort, style, affordability, and community to our fans and customers.